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Belgian Import: Tia la Source aux Loups

  • Belgian Import: Tia la Source aux Loups

  • Sire:  Nefast de la Mamba Noire Vice-champion of Belgian shepherds in Ring Cat. 3

  • Dam: Phyfha de la Source aux Loups

  • Hips: a-0/0 (Excellent)

  • Elbows 0/0 Excellent)

  • DM Clear

We take great pride in introducing Tia as a valuable addition to our breeding program. Originally born in Belgium, Tia later made her way to Serbia, where she underwent training and successfully raised a litter of exceptional puppies. The offspring from this litter have displayed outstanding drives and temperaments, a testament to Tia's qualities as a producer.

Tia herself stands out as an outstanding working female, showcasing not only impressive drive but also a commendable temperament. Her background and experiences contribute to her overall excellence, and we are grateful to have her as part of our breeding program.

As we move forward, we are enthusiastic about the positive impact Tia will have on the future generations within our program. We remain dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of breeding, and we look forward to the continued success and quality that Tia brings to our endeavors.

Tia Pedigree

Belgian Malinois Tia Pedigree
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