• Name: Hulk-Rayo (Max)
  • Import
  • Titles: Mondioring Titled
  • OFA Good Hips
  • OFA Normal Elbows
  • DM Clear
  • Hulk is an incredible male. He is Mondioring titled and certified in explosives detection. He is extremely social and clear-headed. We are very proud to own this incredible male and expect outstanding puppies out of him.
Belgian Malinois Breeder
Belgian Malinois Breeder
  • Name: Cartouche Chien Policier
  • DNA Certified, OFA, AKC, PP1
  • Sire: Hulk-Rayo (Max) Mondio 1
  • OFA Elbows CLEAR
  • DM Clear By Parentage
  • Cartouche came out of our breeding. Both of his parents are imported. Cartouche is a large high drive male with an outstanding temperament like his sire. We are proud to add him to our breeding program and expect outstanding offspring out of Cartouche.
Belgian Malinois Stud Dog
Belgian Malinois Koba Mondio Ring
Reputable Belgian Malinois Breeder
  • Name: Koba
  • AKC Registered
  • FCI Registered
  • Imported
  • Titled Mondio Ring
  • a-normal hips and Elbows (Excellent)
  • We are proud to introduce "Koba" Koba recently earned his Modio Ring title. He is a hard-working male with a temperament to die for. He is a very social male and reminds us so much of our Hulk. We expect outstanding offspring out of him.
Mondio Ring Belgian Malinois