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  • Holland Import

  • Name: Lotus

  • Sire: Puma's Home Frequent Flyer, KNPV PH2

  • Dam: Lexi's Home Annemiep, SDCA1- N/N, SDCA2-N/N

  • KNPV trained

  • Health: 0/0 Excellent hips and elbows

Presenting Lotus, our newest acquisition all the way from Holland. Lotus isn't just any ordinary addition; she epitomizes excellence with her pure KNPV lineage, showcasing a heritage deeply rooted in success.

Having already made waves in her native Holland, Lotus has established herself as a formidable force, not just as a producer but also as a working dog of exceptional caliber. Her impeccable working ability is matched only by her outstanding temperament, making her a true standout in every sense of the word.

With a lineage boasting the illustrious Puma's home Frequent Flyer as her sire, Lotus is undeniably bred for greatness. Frequent Flyer's remarkable achievements, including his distinguished KNPV PH2 title earned with honors, underscore the exceptional genetic legacy that Lotus carries with her.

We are thrilled to welcome Lotus into our breeding program, knowing full well that her presence will only elevate our standards of excellence. As we eagerly await the arrival of her offspring, we are excited to see how she will continue to leave her mark on the world of working dogs, ensuring that her legacy of greatness endures for generations to come.

KNPV Lotus Pedigree
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