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  • Titles: Ring 1
  • Hips: 0/0
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Spondy Free
  • Sire: 
  • Fatjoe LOF 217787/22269 (Sgard) Br.Def 100 Pt.
    Ring 3 / Sélectifs 2014, 2015, 2016 Vice Champion du Nord en ring 2016

  • Dam: Mystrale de l'Odyssée d'Hèra, CSAU CANT TAN TATD brevet ring
    Sujet recommandé utilisation 2017

We take immense pride in unveiling Syrille (Gamora), a distinguished member of our esteemed breeding program. Syrille is the direct offspring of the incredibly famous "Fatjoe," adding a remarkable lineage to her profile. What sets her apart is not just her impressive pedigree, but also her unparalleled temperament.

Syrille exhibits qualities that are truly next to none. Her temperament is characterized by a harmonious blend of balanced drives, showcasing an admirable mix of energy and composure. Beyond her genetic lineage, Syrille's social nature stands out, making her a delightful companion.

With such outstanding traits and a solid genetic foundation, we hold high expectations for the offspring that Syrille will bring into our breeding program. The combination of her impressive lineage, exceptional temperament, and social qualities leads us to anticipate nothing short of extraordinary results in the generations to come. Syrille represents a new chapter in our commitment to producing exceptional and well-rounded individuals in our breeding program.

Syrielle de l Odyssée d Hera‘s pedigree – working-dog-page-001 (2).jpg
Canine Genetic Health Certificate™-page-001 (2).jpg
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