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  • Slovakian Import

  • Name: Catallea zo Suchterovho Dvora

  • Health: a-normal hips and Elbows, Spondy 0

  • Titles: BH/V, IGP 1

  • Sire: N'Attaquez Du Sauvage Dijon, ZVV3, IPO3, FH2

  • Dam: Emma Anubis the Second, SV2, SVV3, BH, IGP1

  • It brings us immense pleasure to introduce Lea, a highly esteemed addition to our esteemed breeding program, originating directly from Slovakia. With her remarkable size and unmatched working abilities, Lea embodies the pinnacle of excellence within our breeding initiatives. Lea's journey to becoming part of our program has been adorned with notable achievements. Notably, she has achieved the prestigious IGP 1 title, showcasing her exceptional intelligence, prowess, and unwavering dedication to training. Now setting her sights on the IGP2 title, Lea exemplifies a steadfast commitment to exceeding expectations and reaching new milestones. In addition to her outstanding performance, Lea boasts impeccable health credentials, earning official excellent ratings for her hips, elbows, and spine. These accolades underscore her robust physical condition, ensuring the health and vitality of future generations. Yet, Lea's significance transcends her individual accomplishments; her distinguished pedigree speaks volumes. Descended from a lineage of revered dogs celebrated for their exceptional working abilities and genetic integrity, Lea inherits a legacy of excellence that she is prepared to uphold and advance. The addition of Lea to our breeding program fills us with excitement and anticipation. We are confident that her remarkable attributes, combined with her prestigious lineage, will elevate the standards of our breeding efforts, producing companions of unparalleled quality.


Catalea zo Suchterovho Dvora Pedigree
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