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  • Name: Rhaensy

  • Gender: Female

  • OFA Hips: Good

  • OFA Elbows: Normal

  • Cerebellar Ataxia 2 (Belgian Shepherd Type) CLEAR


Introducing Rhaensy, a direct daughter of our late Daenerys, who has seamlessly inherited the exceptional qualities that defined her mother. Rhaensy stands out as an outstanding working female, marked by a remarkable level-headed demeanor. Trained in Ring sport, she demonstrates both toughness and sociability, showcasing a versatile and balanced temperament.

The legacy of her lineage, coupled with Rhaensy's own achievements and temperament, leads us to anticipate outstanding offspring from her. As a dedicated member of our breeding program, Rhaensy embodies the commitment to excellence and the preservation of exceptional traits that we hold in high regard.

In honoring the memory of Daenerys through Rhaensy, we are steadfast in our dedication to producing dogs of remarkable quality and temperament. We look forward to the positive impact Rhaensy will make in shaping the future generations within our program.

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