• Name: Cartouche Chien Policier

  • Gender: Male

  • OFA Excellent Hips

  • OFA Normal Elbows

  • DM: Clear

  • Sire: Max (Rayo-Hulk), Modio 1, FCI, DNA

  • Dam: Masha, FCI, AKC, DNA

We are extremely proud to introduce Catouche Chien Policier.

Cartouche was bred by us out of two imports.

He is a large confident male with outstanding bone structure and muscle tone. 

Cartouche is also extremely social. He is a hard worker and takes his work serious but can easily turn it on and off light a light switch.

We are proud to introduce him to our breeding program. 

Cartouche Chien Policier Belgian Malinois